LA Premiere | I want to marry you!

20200606-BEN_MG_7435.jpgContemporary love, carrying a lot of accessories

Let people talk about love, love is really so difficult?

La Premiere

Deductive simple love.

Some love without lipstick

Not chasing the red rose

Valentine's day every year

They're everywhere

A woman with a smile in her rose

He always asks if she likes it?

She just shakes her head

She said in this season

I only like the osmanthus in front of the window

Watch the stamen swaying on the branches

The long fragrance permeates the whole autumn.

Azael Martinez 14.jpg

This kind of love is not as romantic as we think

For them, they find a job and support their families together

In the evening, we can have a dinner with meat and soup

It's so sweet

Maybe not many people in this world care about their love

But their love is so happy


2020 New Collection

Perfect wedding dress with simple elegance

Let two people simple small things, enough gorgeous

Even if it's not the love of talent and beauty

There is no luxury and glamour of Gao Fu Shuai and Bai Fumei

Simple and elegant love, people are still intoxicated


In this era of impetuous vanity

Believe in each other, accompany around, step into the palace of marriage

Year after year waiting for love to fade

And then slowly run in to help each other

Let the width of each other's life be extended

Wish all the ordinary couples in the world

Watch the fleeting time

Happy through the spring, summer, autumn and winter of life